About company

The Neo Labs Ltd. originated in 2007 when we, several well-educated specialists having experience in development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products, decided to develop innovative highly effective medications for treating different diseases and promoting health.

In 2009 the company invested money in manufacture of long peptides, purchased newest equipment and placed its production facilities at the largest GMP-certified pharmaceutical factory in China. Human growth hormone (somatropin) became the first medication of the peptide product line that was manufactured on the base of recombinant biotechnology.

This first manufactured-by-us medication turned out to be so popular that the company extended its manufacturing facilities and established a new factory in Taiwan in 2010.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people improve quality of their life and increase their life expectancy, become healthier and happier. Following our mission, we invest a lot of effort and money to implement latest developments of scientific researchers in our practice.



Неотропин в новом функциональном дизайне!

В связи с участившимися подделками на препарат Neotropin компания Neo Labs произвела полный функциональный редизайн упаковки, повысив качество и усилив защ...

Our company change the design of tops

From the 1st of May 2016 our company has changed the "flip-off" top cover design for all oil and water based products. Now the cover is bright-red with sty...

A new form of the growth hormone - Neotropin® - has been released on the market!

Neo Laboratories Limited is pleased to announce the market launch of a new form of the growth hormone – Neotropin. Besides the box containing 25 vial...
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