The Neo Labs Ltd. invests much effort to become a leading company at the pharmaceutical market. That is why we strictly comply with safety requirements for a medication manufacturing process including the procurement cycle and the storage of raw materials. Our specialists maintain optimal storage conditions at the storage areas where raw materials and end products are stored, and regularly supervise them.

We also strictly check the packaging quality and pay much attention to the quality of output products. Before any output product is delivered to the warehouse, samples of each batch are taken and tested with the high-precision equipment. So, end products are delivered to our authorized distributors only when the specialists confirm the uniformity and the consistency of samples. We also deliver our products in compliance with the temperature requirements   in the shortest possible time.

Each Neo Labs’ product is delivered in a box with a unique security code. With this code, you can check if your product is an original Neo Labs’ product or not through the Neo anticounterfeit security system on our website. Two different boxes cannot be with identical codes. So, if a code was checked more than twice on our website or if there is no such code in the anticounterfeit system, it means that the product you bought is likely a counterfeit product and must not be used in any circumstances because it may harm your health. More information on our anticounterfeit security system you can get here.

Please, note that the Neo Labs Ltd. do not distribute its products to the end clients. To buy our medications, please, contact our authorized distributors in your region to place your order.



Authorized supplier checkup

All production of Neo Labs are supplied by authorized suppliers. In order to check if your supplier is an authorized supplier please follow here.



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