Dr. Michael Perlmann,

What is anti-aging medicine? Anti-aging medicine blends traditional principles with the latest advances in medical research to treat and prevent the causes of aging. Traditional medicine treats the symptoms and sequelae of aging, whereas anti-aging medicine strives to prevent or reverse the causes and signs of aging. The hallmark of anti-aging therapy is prevention, with a focus on the identification of risk factors of disease, lifestyle improvements, and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) such as HGH and testosterone therapy.

Dr. Edmund Chein,

from 1994 to 1996 treated over 800 people with HGH replacement therapy. And the results were published in Doctor Ronald Klatz's 1997 book "Grow Young With HGH". These results demonstrated to scientists and the public, the safety and efficacy of HGH in improving a broad array of human health parameters in adults.

After six months of treatment, HGH deficient adults lost 20% of their body fat. Most of this fat loss occurred in abdominal fat, reduced by 30% compared with a 13% reduction in peripheral fat. (e.g. arm and leg) It is abdominal fat that is strongly correlated with increased incidence of heart attack., hypertension and diabetes.

Dr. Robert Kerr, California

treated over 8,000 athletes in the course of his practice, prescribing HGH. Kerr said his patients took HGH for only three to six weeks. In that time, bodybuilders claimed their results lasted up to 12 months. Some athletes claimed to have gained up to 40 pounds in six weeks while reducing their body fat.

Patrick Cadigan, M.D.,

Medical College of Florida. "Today a greater sense of well-being and self confidence is closer than you think."


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