NeoCJC-1295 (Long-acting Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Analog (CJC-1295))

CJC-1295 (Long-acting Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Analog) is a peptide hormone made up of 30 amino acids, which stimulates endogenous GH secretion, and is an analog of growth hormone releasing hormone (a hormone, releasing GH). The main advantage of CJC-1295 over usual Growth hormone releasing hormone and recombinant GH is the duration of CJC-1295 action. After a single injection, the secretion of GH in healthy adults can continue up to two weeks.

The main effects of CJC-1295 include increase of protein synthesis and stimulation of new muscle fiber growth; stimulation of liner growth of children suffering GH deficiency; increase of muscle mass with less intensive training; improving of skin state and reduction of wrinkles; recovery of organs atrophied with aging; reduction of fat mass due to increased lipolysis; increase of bone density; promotion of healing and recovery processes in the body; immunity strengthening.

Side effects of CJC-1295 are similar to the ones of Growth hormone.


When CJC-1295 appeared, GHRP-6 lost its value, because CJC-1295 has similar effects, but its action is much longer. The difference between CJC-1295 and GHPR-6 is that CJC-1295 was modified so that it can attach itself to albumin and stay active much longer (it has an extended half life).

CJC-1295 dosage regimen: 1 mg х 2 times per week.

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