The Neojex Needle - Free Injector

If you plan using injectable human growth hormone, but are afraid of needles or you simply do not like to suffer the anxiety, fear or pain each time you have your injection, our Neojex needle-free injector is what you really need!

The Neojex injector is a pen-shaped device for needle-free medication administration. With this device, injections become almost painless and safe, because risks of sharps injuries and transfer of syringes infections are eliminated. A medication is injected just into the subcutaneous tissue so that the skin is almost not injured what is very important for those predisposed to keloid formation.


The core technology is needle-free liquid jet injection, which is used for the needle-free administration of medications. Jet injection is based on the principle of using a mechanical energy source to create a release of pressure sufficient to push a jet of liquid medication through a very small orifice through the skin right into the subcutaneous tissue.

Neojex technology 

The orifice created by a jet of liquid medication is much smaller than the one created by a needle. A recent study conducted by the University of California confirmed that the needle-free injector method is comparable to a needle and syringe in effectiveness of medication delivery to the bloodstream.

The Neojex System

The Neojex System includes:
-          reusable injector;
-          disposable ampules;
-          disposable vial adapters;
-          reset box;
-          carrying case;
-          instruction manual;


Injector and reset box

The Neojex injector is easy to use and compact. About the size of a felt tip pen, Neojex consists of a main body, a trigger release, and a dual safety system to help prevent accidental discharge.

Injector Neojex

The first safety works automatically upon insertion of the Neojex ampule. The second safety operates manually by sliding the safety ring. The patented "soft shot" spring technology contained in the main body creates the force that delivers the medication through a tiny opening at the tip of a disposable ampule - resulting in a quick, comfortable injection.

Injector is made of stainless steel.

The Neojex Reset Box sets the injector for use each time the box is closed with the injector inside. Just place the injector into the reset box right after injection and close it. The reset box is about the size of a stapler.


The Neojex Ampule is like a syringe without a needle and is used to draw a single dose of medication from a standard vial using a vial adapter. The ampule is then attached to the Neojex injector, and placed firmly against the skin at the desired injection site. When the trigger release is pushed, Neojex delivers a fine stream of medication out of the ampule, through the skin and into the subcutaneous tissue.

The Neojex Ampule is made from a material that is much stronger than a standard insulin syringe so it can withstand the pressure required to deliver the medication into the subcutaneous tissue. Ampules are marked in both U-100 insulin units and in milliliters. The Neojex Ampule delivers from 5 to 30 insulin units or .05 to .30 ml. Each ampule comes in a sterile package and is to be used only once and then discarded.

Vial Adapter

The Neojex Vial Adapter fits most medication vials and allows the transfer of medication into the Neojex Ampule without a needle. After filling the ampule, a tethered cap is returned to its closed position atop the vial adapter. One vial adapter may be used for the duration of use of one medication vial. When the vial is empty or the contents have expired, the vial adapter and vial are discarded.

Vial adapter

The Neojex System is really easy to use. Draw a single dose of medication from a standard vial to the Neojex ampule using the Neojex vial adapter. Then attach the Neojex ampule to the Neojex injector and slide the safety ring. Select the injection site, and push the trigger to deliver the injection. This is really simple and almost painless!

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