Authorized supplier checkup

In order to check if your supplier is an authorized supplier please follow these instructions -
- For authorized Supplier's Site please copy the following format : "" or "" and click submit.
For Example: ""
- For Authorized Supplier Email Please Copy The Following Format:
"" or "" and click submit.
For Example: ""

Code on image:



Неотропин в новом функциональном дизайне!

В связи с участившимися подделками на препарат Neotropin компания Neo Labs произвела полный функциональный редизайн упаковки, повысив качество и усилив защ...

Our company change the design of tops

From the 1st of May 2016 our company has changed the "flip-off" top cover design for all oil and water based products. Now the cover is bright-red with sty...

A new form of the growth hormone - Neotropin® - has been released on the market!

Neo Laboratories Limited is pleased to announce the market launch of a new form of the growth hormone – Neotropin. Besides the box containing 25 vial...
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