Anti-counterfeiting system

New products will all be equipped with state of the art Neo Labs ACS  (Anti Counterfeting System) which will enable all its customers to identify the legitimacy and manufacturing information of each individual product online.

The Neo Labs ACS will work in the following manner: each product will be branded with a unique security code known only to the manufacturer – patient will enter this code to our website and the security software will automatically verify the AC code.

If Neo Labs ACS recognizes your Neo Labs product as not authentic consider it as counterfeit.

Code on image:
Reveal the Neo Labs security code by removing the protection layer at the label on each new Neo Labs product box. If you need help follow the instructions below.

The Neo Labs products are produced with two kinds of anticounterfeiting labels. The old type is used only for Neotropin. The new second type is used for all products.

Where to find the Neo Labs security code?

Find the security label on the product box.

Old type:
neotropin code

- Remove the protection layer (anticounterfeiting code)

- Reveal the security code      










New type:

NeoLabs counterfeiting

- Remove the protection layer (anticounterfeiting code)

- Reveal the security code      












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