The Neo Labs Ltd. (or Neo Laboratories Ltd.) is an international biopharmaceutical company. Our core competence is development and distribution of growth hormone - based innovative products.

The most important thing for us is to provide medical centers and patients with highly effective medications for treating many diseases and conditions including complex ones.

Though we have already obtained wide experience in development and manufacture both conventional pharmaceutical products and recombinant biotechnology-based products, we continue our research projects and invest a lot of efforts and money to advance and extend our product line. With our vigorous activity quality of life of many children and adults has improved. That is why the company and its medications receive worldwide recognition.

The core of the company consists of experienced medical specialists and researchers. Experienced marketing and commercial specialists are in charge of sales development and distribution in several countries, including Canada, Austria and Hong-Kong.

Our managers work in close collaboration with the company’s partners and customers what helps us to stay informed on the requirements that the market specifies for innovative pharmaceutical projects and medications. When we evaluate any new medication, we first of all evaluate how much it is effective in treating a disease. And, only the most effective medications get an opportunity to be manufactured and appear on sale.

The information provided on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice and should be discussed with your healthcare professional.

Warning! is the only official domain of Neo Laboratories Ltd. All other domains that seem to be associated with Neo Labs present counterfeit products. Neo Laboratories Ltd. does not guarantee the quality of these products and they are potently hazardous to your health. Neo Labs takes no liability for use of products that cannot be verified as authentic Neo Labs product.

All original Neo Labs products come in a box with Neo Anticounterfeit security seal consisting of a label with hologram which covers a security code. Do not use Neo Labs products that come without a box or without the Neo Anticounterfeit security seal. Do not use Neo Labs products that you cannot verify through the Neo Anticounterfeit security system as they are most probably counterfeit and potentially hazardous.


Best Seller product. Original design of Neotropin 2019:

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Неотропин в новом функциональном дизайне!

В связи с участившимися подделками на препарат Neotropin компания Neo Labs произвела полный функциональный редизайн упаковки, повысив качество и усилив защ...

Our company change the design of tops

From the 1st of May 2016 our company has changed the "flip-off" top cover design for all oil and water based products. Now the cover is bright-red with sty...

A new form of the growth hormone - Neotropin® - has been released on the market!

Neo Laboratories Limited is pleased to announce the market launch of a new form of the growth hormone – Neotropin. Besides the box containing 25 vial...
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